Seated Massage

Seated Massage is a great pitstop treatment allowing you to stop, have a breather from the craziness around and step back in to it refreshed and relaxed!

The massage is carried out through clothing on a seat or massage chair with the therapist working over a client's back, head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

It's great as a quick relaxation and invigorating treatment to relieve tight, aching muscles and is a treatment we use regularly within the work place and public spaces, always tailoring both to the environment as well as the clients needs. 


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing and uplifting treatment carried out with the client clothed and in a seated position without oils.  Modern western techniques are used to release tension and de-stress the upper back, neck, head and face.  Indian Head Massage also helps to promote and improve circulation and lymphatic flow.



This treatment can be described as a non intrusive method, working points over the feet and hands that relate to different aspects and areas of the body.  The aim of Reflexology is to kick start the process of the body and mind to naturally rebalance and work towards gaining its optimum equilibrium.

Treatments on the feet and hands can also incorporate some work into the legs and arms respectively.  Depending on client preference, oils and creams or none at all can be used for the treatment.

This treatment is very individual in how it is carried out by each practitioner and received by each client.  It can be wonderfully relaxing and a supportive therapy in many situations.  Anyone of any age can receive Reflexology, from new born to those receiving end of life care and is a treatment that be used as a support for a range of health issues all the way through to allowing someone timeout and a moment to just stop.