The History of the Bean Bag


I wanted to create a little bit of loveliness and luxury in something practical, useful and multifunctional, specifically designed for events and festivals.  That was the starting point and the easy part!  How could I effectively do this?

And what it boiled down to was;

What do I like?

What do I use?

What products do I go back to time and again?

What designers, producers and makes do I love, trust and like to share with other people?


With that thought I approached Bagman and Robin of Exmouth market in London who were up for the idea of supplying a range of purses (I have a number of them!).  They are brilliantly useful, hardwearing and beautifully made inside and out from gorgeous materials, sourced from the 40s through to the present day.  For something small they can pack a lot – I know, I have my phone, card, coins, essential touch up make up and sun cream in mine! - and as Marco from Bagman and Robin says don’t worry about it’s use, just ‘enjoy the purse!’

Then my next port of call was Angela Langford of Angela Langford’s Skincare.  From the start I loved the idea that she puts together a sample pack for you, your skin, to try before ordering.  The products are amazing and right now I’m a bit of a fan of the Freshen Up spray, absolutely lovely as a spritzer and perfect at festivals when you're feeling a bit droopy and sweaty!  Angela gave me some great ideas and she personally put together a range that works for a multitude of skin types, and here are the mix she put together just foe Heilsa Therapies!


  •  Freshen Up Tonic Spritz– a natural tonic and especially good for dehydrated and sensitive skin and a great refreshing  spritz
  •  Bloom & Glow Oil– an oil full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and vitamins, wonderfully supportive for inflamed and sensitive skin that can be used day or night.  A couple of drops on its own or gorgeous mixed with a cream. 


As a finishing touch, I’ve made up some little pendants that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.  I’ve used Neal's Yard Remedies products I use when making up creams and oils for myself and for clients’ treatments.  Dried Rose and Marigold petals and Frankincense resin, all beautiful for the skin.  The pendants can be worn, or just pop the cork and empty the contents into a steaming bowl for a mini facial steam, or perhaps mix in a cream!


It’s that extra mile of care and thought behind the products from those amazing people that made me want to bring them together as a package that really works, looks beautiful and allows me to not just share my loves but get people to experience them too!


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.