Saturday 26th August


Tai Chi with Alex Hyde Tai




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Alex and Dan run Longfeng Martial and Cultural Arts and Alex will be running the Tai Chi Workshop and here's a little intro about and what Alex will be doing at Camper Calling from the teacher herself...

Taiji Quan translates to supreme ultimate boxing.

A long time ago I started studying Martial Arts, specifically Mok Gar with Micah Hudson who was and still is the most amazing martial artist, it was Micah who suggested I train with Master Bob Weatherall who heads up Wha Duc Lung in the UK.

In the mid to late nineties things changed, life got harder, Dan had a life changing accident and I was diagnosed with a form of cancer in my lymphatic system, this taught us many things, what and how not to be, how to deal with adversity, how to take control of our lives and crucially how to just ‘be’.  Following this turbulent time and a relapse in my health I was encouraged by Master Bob to study Taijiquan, specifically Yang Style.

Yang is the most popular Taiji style practiced today and is one of five styles of Taiji recognised in China, these being Chen, Yang, Wu, Hu and Sun. Taiji is truly a life changing experience and by studying true Taiji you will learn correct movement and posture as well as the martial technique.  There is a rich ebb and flow to the movements which have wonderfully descriptive names such as White Crane Spreads its wings, Needle at Sea Bottom, Fair Lady Works at Shuttle, Part Wild Horses Mane and many more.

Longfeng now teach Wha Duc Lung, Northern Shaolin (Jing Wu (Chin Woo)), Pak Hok Pai and Yang Style Taiji developed by Yang Cheng Fu.  We run classes from Sunday to Thursday in Coventry, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Leicestershire.  We also do day workshops in schools teaching Taiji, Chinese Lion Dance and Chinese Creative Art and Craft.

My name is Alex, I live, breathe and teach Taiji

Longfeng Martial & Cultural Arts - - 07909 837 088


Free Tai Chi Workshop

Heilsa Therapies would like to invite you to join in a beautiful Tai Chi session here at Camper Calling, and in Alex's own words.....

The workshop consists of a gentle warm up of rotations, loosening exercises and a light stretch.  For beginners I focus on breathing and posture, keeping the shoulders and arms relaxed and engaging the muscles, transferring the weight, coordination of movement and focussing the mind.  You will find the dantien - your centre of vital energy - and breathe from this point, you will discover how to control your pain and your fear and harmonise your mind, you will be able to hold the ball and consider how you move rather than moving automatically.

Taiji is suitable for everyone with very few contraindications and done correctly, has many benefits.  In terms of self control and understanding your body, you will feel the muscles and consciously ask them to move.  When it comes to health, many have found it to be beneficial and supportive concerning more serious conditions such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone disease, arthritis, diabetes, strokes and auto immune deficiencies.



We have had such a huge response to our Workshop pre booking page that we have had to close it.  But fear not we have ensured that we have kept a few spaces reserved for the festival weekend, so please do come along to book at the weekend.


All the workshops Heilsa Therapies are hosting over the weekend are free, if you decide not to attend or can't come, it will really help us to let us know in advance so we can give your spot to someone else and the opportunity to try something different.  

Thank you and we can't wait to see you there!


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We're no longer taking bookings however if you have any queries and questions, pop us a line here and we'll do or best to answer them!