Holistic Therapies To Recharge Your Soul

Life in the Lost Village is a truly crazy existence, and one that can leave your soul needing a little extra love. When that happens, trust your instinct, and head to the water… 

Nestled in a secluded lakeside spot, our tribe of therapists will be offering treatments and therapies. Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and more; let us recharge your soul before you return to the madness of the forest… 



Lost Village Treatments

with Liz, Nathan, Kelly, Caroline and Kate

Aromatherapy Massage - Kate & Liz

Deep Tissue Massage - Nathan

Cancer with Care Massage and Reflexology - Liz

Holistic Massage - Kate, Nathan, Liz, Kelly

Hopi Candling - Kate

Hot Stone Massage - Kate

Indian Head Massage - Kate, Kelly & Liz

Japanese Facial Massage - Kate

M Technique - Kate

Natural Face Lift Massage - Caroline

Reflexology - Kate, Caroline, Liz

Reflexology Lymph Drainage - Liz

Foot Massage - Kelly

Seated Massage - Kate, Kelly & Liz

Sports Massage - Kelly, Liz & Nathan

Swedish Massage - Liz

Thai Yoga Massage - Nathan

Find out more about treatments on Heilsa Therapies Lost Village Treatments Page


Lost Village Advance Booking

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will send you payment details.

30 Minutes - £30

60 Minutes - £50

 Advance booking treatments are from 10.00am to 7pm each day

Bookings with Kate can only be taken at the Lost Village Festival

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Booking times are made to the closest quater of the hour - e.g. 10am, 10.15am, 10.30 am etc Advance booking is between 10am and 7pm
N.B. Bookings With Kate Can Only Be Taken On The Lost Village Weekend