Holistic Therapies To Recharge Your Soul

Life in the Lost Village is a truly crazy existence, and one that can leave your soul needing a little extra love. When that happens, trust your instinct, and head to the water… 

Nestled in a secluded lakeside spot, our tribe of therapists will be offering treatments and therapies. Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and more; let us recharge your soul before you return to the madness of the forest… 




Lost Village Treatments

with Liz, Nathan, Kelly, Caroline and Kate

9am to 9pm

Aromatherapy Massage - Kate & Liz

Deep Tissue Massage - Nathan

Cancer with Care Massage and Reflexology - Liz

Holistic Massage - Kate, Nathan, Liz, Kelly

Hopi Candling - Kate

Hot Stone Massage - Kate

Indian Head Massage - Kate, Kelly & Liz

Japanese Facial Massage - Kate

M Technique - Kate

Natural Face Lift Massage - Caroline

Reflexology - Kate, Caroline, Liz

Reflexology Lymph Drainage - Liz

Foot Massage - Kelly

Seated Massage - Kate, Kelly & Liz

Sports Massage - Kelly & Liz

Swedish Massage - Liz

Auyverdic Thai Yoga Massage - Nathan

Find out more about treatments on Heilsa Therapies Lost Village Treatments Page


Lost Village Treatment Prices

15 Minutes - £15

30 Minutes - £30

60 Minutes - £50