The bean baby Creation

Over the years Kate has concentrated on bringing complementary health to clients in a variety of therapy settings through work, home and event environments.

As Heilsa Therapies has gently expanded we've always cherished the idea of being able to travel with our business, taking it to different places to create a unique and diverse space for people wherever we are.  In 2011 we decided to take this a step further and in 2014 we launched our very own amazingly lovely travelling therapy room.

This is an incredibly flexible space, we can see clients in complete privacy on a one to one basis as we would in a normal clinic setting, offering them all the facilities they would expect any time of the year.  At other times and at different events we can change the whole character and service we offer by being able to open our hatch and maximise the space inside as well as around us.

So wherever we are, depending on the event, the bean can fully open out to the outside world or be all closed so we can treat clients in their own private sanctuary.